Entry #1

Hot 16

2013-08-30 18:21:26 by KapiKullo

Hey KapiKullo! Today you have a birthday! Yay! You are 16!

And you still didn't do anything useful... Victim of fate.

Also... I never like this day. My birthday is in the last day of summer holiday in my country. It's sad. I had 2 months to carry out my plans and I did nothing! Yay! Okay maybe I did something. But I wanted really, really more.

I wanted to start learning Portuguese, but I can only say "Computador". I wanted to start learning animating, but I only find amazing voice actors and I asked them to record their voices. (You can believe me - voices is amazing). I wanted to improve my English and... I did it! My English is still terrible (you see), but it's a much, much better. I could did more and I regret that I did not.

So now I start new school. I think I will not have a lot of time for drawing, learning animation and doing something nice. But I wanted to prove, that I can draw something nice.

I love animations and have a lot of ideas for my animations - I can't make it. Can't now. I believe that in a year I will work on my animation and have a lot of fun during it. Now I can only show you characters from my dream . I have that dream at night when I searching ideas for my cartoons.

DREAM DRAWING: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kapikullo/dream-about-disney-character

That's all. Wish me a lot of motivation and hard work - these things is the most important for me now. Maybe when I'll have it you will have the desire and reason to look for my NG profil. :)

And sorry for all my mistakes with English langage here. I told - still learning and still it's not so good.


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